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Pressing is not ironing

Something I learned from sewing. What a difference it makes! Now I take the time to press each seam as I sew it – it’s kind of a pain, but totally worth it. What’s the difference? When you iron, you are gliding the iron in a continuous motion over the fabric, when you press, you lift the iron and then let it rest for a few seconds on each area that you are smoothing out. I have been using a mini Rowenta that I picked up at Joann’s on sale, and I’ll continue to use that for interfacing, but it just steams on one temperature – high. I’ve been able to get away with using that as I also use a silk organza press cloth between my iron and my fabric. Still, that won’t work with everything, especially since I want to start sewing with more delicate fabrics.

I did some research on a couple of irons, and narrowed it down to 2. The Hot Steam SGB-600 currently on sale at Wawak for $89, or the Reliable V100 Digital Vapor regular price $139 – that is the manufacturer’s price that I saw over several sites online. Ultimately, I went with the Reliable – it has some great reviews from other sewers, and I didn’t want to deal with a separate hanging water tank. The reservoir in the Reliable seems to be a pretty good size. The best part? Threads magazine has a coupon code for 20% at Wawak good until 3/31/14! Even though I had extra shipping costs (but still reasonable given the weight of the order) I still came out ahead and it will be here Friday, Monday latest!

All you lucky peeps in the lower 48 get free shipping on orders over $100 – it’s a great time to stock up!



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